Flat Markers

Flat marker memorial

The small size of a flat grass marker adds to the beauty of this type of memorial. Grass markers are a modern way of memorializing our loved ones. A flat marker memorial gives the cemetery a park-like look creating a tranquil setting to pay our respects.

Although flat markers are limited in shapes and styles, the artwork choices, and addition of accessories, can personalize the stone creating a lasting reflection of one’s life.

Most cemeteries regulate the markers placed on their grounds. Cemetery Rules and Regulations, as they are known, specify such attributes as, size, material type and style of headstone.

Before ordering a grave marker, it is very important to become acquainted with these regulations set forth by the cemetery or churchyard. Any marker that does not conform to the cemetery’s specific regulations can be refused for installation in the grounds.

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Thanks to Carl our family now has a memorial stone for our Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother which was placed on my Grandfather’s grave. He was professional, courteous and complied with our request to have the stone placed by Remembrance Day.

L. Green

Victoria, BC