Cumberland Cemetery on Vancouver Island

Since the 1890’s the Cumberland Cemetery on Minto Road has been in constant use. Cumberland cemetery is the resting place for Ginger Goodwin’s grave. Ginger Goodwin, a labor leader whose slaying in 1918 resulted in riots and strikes across Canada.

Obelisks, urn topped Monuments and Calvary crosses are a beautiful feature of the Cumberland Cemetery.

Meadowlark Memorials can engrave or make a Cremation head stones or flat memorial head stones for the Cumberland cemetery.

Cumberland Cemetery Regulations

Cumberland Cemetery Regulations

All Grave Markers for in-ground Interments shall be made of granite or bronze or other material of an everlasting nature, Materials other than granite and bronze will need approval from Cemetery Manager. Memorials made from bronze must be set on a concrete or granite base.

The finished dimension for in-ground Memorials (granite or bronze attached to a concrete base) shall be approximately 10 cm in thickness and a height and width not to exceed for a

  1. a) single Casket or Urn Space: 40 x 70 cm
  2. b) double Casket Space:

(placed on two adjacent lots): 60 x 80 cm

In the left hand corner or all grave markers, section and lot number need to be engraved by the Monumental works company.

Memorial monuments shall be installed flush with the ground.

Cemetery shall be open to the Public at 7:00 a.m. every morning and closed to the Public at 8:00 p.m. every evening.

Cumberland Cemetery