Natural Rock Memorials - Boulders
Natural stone headstones

Influenced by ancient and contemporary European monumental design, Carl Hughes of Meadowlark Memorials offers beautifully honed natural stone headstones.

Designing unique pieces of monumental art is made possible using ancient and modern monumental skills. Bronze sculptures: handmade glass figures have all been made by talented local artists. It is an exciting design concept that is only limited by imagination.

If you have a design for a memorial boulder, please share it with us. We can create a detailed color rendering of the desired stone.

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Local Materials


The Materials used to sculpt our artistic memorials are quarried in Squamish BC. The bronze fine art subjects are designed by local sculpture and cast by a local Bronze works company.

As the materials are quarried locally, they naturally blend into the environment at the burial park. A meaningful testament to express one’s beliefs or interest with irreplaceable beauty.

Uprights, Pillows & Flat Markers

A Brief History of Green Burial

In the early 1990’s England had a 98% cremation rate. Environmental concerns around carbon fuel consumption and carbon emissions were becoming a concern in the context of the UK’s contribution to local and global climate change. 

At the same time, some of England’s most untouched and scenic natural landscapes were becoming prey by developers and being encroached upon by rapidly expanding development. Preservationists were seeking a way to preserve some of these natural areas.

From these two challenges – cremation’s effect on the environment and natural landscape conservation – came to the concept that one simple act – a green burial –  might reverse the amount of cremations being carried out and natural landscapes and protected conservation areas could be created and subsidized by making them green burial cemeteries, this would protect these sites from disturbance, in perpetuity.

Since those early days, green burial has been broadly adopted throughout the UK with many large and small natural burial cemeteries throughout most of the UK. Green burial has also expanded to the USA and Canada with green cemeteries located across the states.

Canada’s first green burial site was opened in Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, B.C. in 2008. since then a small number of other cemeteries in Canada have green burial available in their communities.

Canada is lagging in the green burial trend. But the Green Burial Society of Canada plans to alter that. Through teaching, advocacy, ‘buy-in’ from death care service providers, and with the continuous effort of a passionate association, the goal is to bring green burials to any community that wants it.